Content Marketing for Rehabs and Wellness Brands


Our close-knit team has a wealth of lived experience, giving us unique insight into the complexities of addiction and mental health recovery. We have wide-ranging expertise and a shared commitment to our values.


Good marketing is an exercise in empathy. Our core team has personal experience with recovery, addiction rehab, long-term therapy, supporting loved ones in treatment and holistic healing modalities. We understand the nuances of addiction, from both personal and professional perspectives.


We draw from diverse backgrounds including mental health, addiction recovery and activist work. Our founder’s firsthand knowledge is informed by her own healing journey and experience as a content manager at a luxury destination rehab, where she carried out a global marketing strategy.

Who We Are

Hone is a U.S. company. Our team is fully remote.

Kayla Gill, Founder & CEO of Hone
Kayla Gill, Founder & CEO of Hone

Kayla Gill

Founder & CEO

Kayla holds over 8 years of experience in the rehab space, including in-house content leadership at a luxury treatment center. She believes addiction and mental health issues are universal human experiences that can serve as important entry points onto a path towards self-realization and well-being. She travels excessively but calls Northern Thailand home, and studies yoga, dance and martial arts.

Helen Heidel

Managing Director

Helen manages content processes to ensure people seeking treatment can access reliable information at the right time. She has over 7 years of international agency experience helping startups and global brands drive business results through content. Informed by her upbringing in Cambodia, Myanmar and India, she’s intent on using marketing to create positive change.

Helen Heidel, Managing Director at Hone
Helen Heidel, Managing Director at Hone

Hannah Friedman

Content Editor

Hannah works closely with Hone’s writers, editing their work and training them in each client’s unique tone. She is also a contributing writer, with a special interest in mental health as an intersectional issue. In her private practice as a massage therapist, she works primarily with LGBTQIA+ clients and survivors of assault. Hannah is the founder and a core organizer of Thrive, a Chicago-based event project that celebrates art and community-building as activism.

We Value

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Addiction rehab marketing is sensitive work. We’re especially interested in how trauma and minority experiences inform the recovery process.

Collaborating With Hone

Hone is led by a team of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ women with personal experience in addiction and mental health recovery. We take inclusion seriously in content creation and in our business practices.