The Sanctuary at Sedona

About the Project

The Sanctuary at Sedona came to us with a unique treatment philosophy and a strong understanding of what makes their program special – they just weren’t able to communicate it successfully. They wanted messaging that more accurately conveyed who they were, and to apply that to a rollout of their new trauma treatment program.

A screenshot of a rehab marketing case study on an iPad

How We Got There

We started by interviewing The Sanctuary’s entire treatment team to understand the essence of their treatment model, and spoke to a selection of alumni to learn what aspects of the treatment experience stood out to their clients. Their admissions team helped us understand the barriers potential clients typically faced. From there, we laid a strategic foundation that would unite their content efforts into a cohesive brand voice.

As longtime partners of The Sanctuary, we use our deep familiarity with their treatment stance and program offerings to produce blog content on an ongoing monthly basis.


Brand story

with messaging that effectively communicates their values and program offerings.

31.61% increase

in MoM traffic over three months. 

Waitlisted program

due to overall marketing efforts.